CD : "The Troubadours of Aquitaine"

Troubadours d'Aquitaine CD

In reality, we know very little about the music created by our medieval ancestors, and yet in turn, we find that this limited understanding tends to stimulate the musical curiosity of our own imaginatiion by allowing certain liberties of interpretation.

The language used by the troubadours was certainly a language from southern France. The trouvères, however, used a different language from northern France, the basis of modern French. Other songs were written in latin. Musical notes were precisely defined, but yet they bore no indication of rythmn, and we have no indication concerning the instrumentation used whatsoever. Perhaps, these ancient melodies could be likened to flamenco chants, but without their accompanying guitars...

Almost all the instruments used for this recording were made by Bryan Tolley following a research involving medieval paintings, sculpture and literature. By virtue of their authentic acoustical properties, these recreated instruments now help to revive an early world of sound, long forgotten and difficult to imagine.

More than just a search into early musical history, the "Troubadours of Aquitaine" aim to restore the emotions within these timeless melodies that come from the origins of our western culture.

La Musique

  1. Les Croisades (L. Carli)
  2. L'austrier jost una sebissa (Marcabru, troubadour XIIth C.)
  3. Bacche Bene Venies (Codex Buranus XIIIth C.)
  4. A l'entrada del tens clar (Anon. XIIth C.)
  5. Les Troubadours (L. Carli / A. Dufourg)
  6. Quand je suis mis (Guillaume de Machaut 1300 - 1377)
  7. Quinte estampie royale (Anon.XIVth C.)
  8. Alba (Chant de l'Aube) (L. Carli / A. Dufourg)
  9. S'on me regarde (Anon. XIIIth C.)
  10. De moi dolorès (Gilbert de Berneville, trouvè XIIth C.)
  11. Dieu comment pourrie / Alle psalite cum luya (Adam de la Halle)
  12. Femmes d'hier et d'aujourd'hui (L. Carli / A. Dufourg)
  13. Maledicantur thyliae (Anon. XIIth C.)
  14. Ainsi doit entrer en ville (Anon. XIIIth C.)
  15. Salterello (Anon. XIVth C.)

Les Musiciens

  1. Bryan Tolley:  Chorus, hurdy-gurdy, symphony, shawms, medieval bagpipes, crumhorns, bass flute.
  2. Brice Duisit:  Singer, lute, oud, shawm, percussion.
  3. Arlette Dufourg:  Singer, recorders (excellent, sopranino, soprano, alto) rebec, percussion.
  4. Laetitia Carli:  Chorus, organ, medieval fiddle, marine trumpet, percussion.


  1. Studio: Studio UHT, 64600 Anglet, France
  2. Producer: Vincent Dulamon

If you're interested in obtaining a copy of "The Troubadours of Aquitaine's" CD, send your name and address plus a cheque for 16 euros (postage included) payable to the "Association Troubadours d'Aquitaine", to the following address:

Association Troubadours d'Aquitaine
Les Clielles
79120 Lezay

For two or more CD's the price is 14 euros per recording.